Chrysanthemums also called mums are one of the most popular cut flowers in the world, owing perhaps to their assortment of vibrant colours, shapes and sizes and long vase life. Fresh Fresh flowers in Nairobi | Same Day Flower Delivery in Nairobi Kenya | Send Flowers To Kenya | Send Flowers in Nairobi | Same Day Flower Delivery | Fresh Flowers in Nairobi |Chrysanthemum, Mum Nairobi | Quality Mums Flowers Delivery in Kenya | Send Chrysanthemums in Nairobi. Related closely to daisies and gerberas, this cheerful flower is part of the Asteraceae family and its blooms, which appear as a single blossom, are actually made up of hundreds of tiny flowers called florets, Order Chrysanthemums in Nairobi. Fresh Flowers in Kenya.

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